Sunday, October 23, 2011

We're Mobile!

Yep, that's right!

You all know that we deliver, but now we are mobile in more ways than one!

We are so excited about the newest addition to our family.

Meet Miss Blue Belle.

Isn't she pretty!!  We flew to Raleigh, NC on September 10th to pick her up and drive her home.   
At that time she was naked, except for her paint.
After that we spent a busy three weeks getting her clean, installing shelving, putting in the baking rack, and getting her graphics applied.

Finally, around the first part of October, she was ready to roll!
So, we loaded her up with lots of goodies and set out to bring cupcakes to the world.

Not only do we deliver, but we are officially a part of the Food Truck craze that has taken over Nashville!
We have not been mobile all that long, but so far it has been such a wonderful journey!  We have met some fantastic people, received some priceless feedback, and had lots of fun!

I have to give a big shout out to my husband for doing such a wonderful job and being so supportive.  He has been right there with me, giving me directions when I didn't know what direction to go, creating some fabulous and unique flavors, and naturally taking care of the labor-intense portion by getting things installed and working properly.  Thank you, babe.

And here is my partner in crime. 

Most people call her Mom.  
My kids call her "Dear".

She is Okay with either.  So be sure to say hello to Mom next time you stop by! She will greet you with a smile.

We are so excited about our new adventures.  Being a part of the Nashville Food Truck community has also been an exciting journey.  They are all such wonderful people with a talent for creating delicious food on the go. 

I have been blessed to serve alongside several of the many food trucks now rolling around Nashville, and have tasted something from all those I have encountered.
Let me just tell you they are all fabulous!!

I also want to thank all those I have met and had the pleasure of serving so far!  You are all a blessing to me and I have loved every minute of it!  

If you are hosting an event, be sure to let us know! We will be happy to come set up and serve some goodies.

Make sure to stay tuned, I will regularly post on Facebook and Twitter where we will be on a daily basis.
I am trying to get a more set schedule in place, which I can post here, so check back regularly.  As I get regular locations set up I will be sure to let you all know.

Until then, what is your favorite flavor so far? 

See you on the road!