Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feature Flavor

It's time once again for the Featured Flavor!

I like to change things up when I can, so today is one of those days!
I have taken one of my best selling cupcakes, the Night and Day, and tweaked it slightly...

Normally, I offer this flavor with optional chocolate drizzle, which is delightful all on it's own!

Now, I guess you could say I have created an all new flavor simply by changing one ingredient.
Instead of chocolate drizzle, I have added mini-chocolate chips!  Yum!

Introducing the Chocolate Chip Night and Day!
A delicious chocolate cupcake, with a vanilla buttercream frosting.
It is then rolled in a bowl of mini (semi-sweet) chocolate chips for a
 semi-sweet, crunchy exterior.... WOW!