Monday, January 21, 2013

Get it TO GO!

We are so excited to tell you about the company we have partnered with lately, to add yet another step of convenience to your life!

Who doesn't like convenient??

We have been working with these guys for a couple of months, and I have to say that it has really been a great experience for everyone!

The company is called

As with all great businesses out there, it started small with a couple of guys who had a great idea!  Then it just took off!

The idea is pretty simple.  You go to ONE website to check the menu, availability, price, etc. and order food from the location of your choice.  This includes both food trucks AND restaurants.
Then you place your order, pay for it, and they have it ready and waiting for you when you get there! 

It is BRILLIANT!  I hate having to check 16 different restaurant websites to look at menus when I want to grab something to go!  Now, I go to one website.  I browse.  I order. I pay.  They  have it waiting for me.  Oh man...  I didn't even have to sit on hold while I wait for someone to come to the phone and take my order.  The website can even remember my "usual"!  Really!?  How cool is that!

Now, they have taken it a step further.  An APP!  That means I can do all of that FROM MY PHONE!  WOO-HOO!!  Yep, if you have an iPhone or Android, you just download it for free from the market or app store.

In addition, you can view the website to see where some of your FAVORITE  food trucks (and a certain, delicious cupcake truck - "ahem") will be days in advance!  Or just open the app and click on "Find Food Near Me"!  I can't tell you how many times I have needed that!!
 Usually, you can even order starting the day before.

Not only does this benefit the consumer, it also helps the food truck or restaurant know in advance what they need to have prepped and ready!  Nothing like seeing a menu you like, then getting there to discover they have sold out of your favorite flavor...  bummer.

We call this a WIN-WIN!! So, seriously folks... go and check it out!!
In case you didn't grab it earlier... here is the link:

To Go Order

Starting immediately, when you check here to see our weekly schedule, we will try to always post the link to the ToGoOrder site.  This will take you directly to the screen where you will have the option of viewing the menu and placing your order.
Now, it is certainly not a requirement.  You are more than welcome to show up and order from the window.  But, it does add that level of convenience we all hope for so give it a try!

See you soon!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!

We want to sincerely wish everyone a very Happy New Year! 

Hopefully everyone had a safe and happy holiday season!  We took some time off and really enjoyed it, but we didn't want to start the New Year off without telling all our wonderful customers how much we appreciate you!  It makes us truly happy to do what we do every day, and seeing the smiling faces of the people we have the honor of serving is really the "icing on the cake"!

We look forward to what 2013 has to offer!  So, come see us soon!  Don't let the cold stop you, we can warm you up with some sweet goodness and a wide variety of HOT drinks we have on board!

We are always working on new varieties or making improvements & changes to our existing menu.   Anything in particular you would like to see us add?

See you soon!