Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweets for your Valentine!

It's truly a day for LOVE!

A day for telling that special someone in your life how much they
mean to you.

It's the day each year we set aside to not just tell them
we love them, but to show them!

There are many ways to show someone you love them!
But, from my experience at least, I have found that 
the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! 
(A woman's too!)

Great food is one thing... Great sweets is
a WHOLE other experience!

And for your ladies, guys it is ALL about the presentation.

Give them something this Valentine's Day that will delight
their heart and overwhelm their sweet tooth too!

We have a wide variety of cupcakes we will deliver to your home 
or office, and we are even working on a couple of new flavors, 
so stay tuned!

Until then, let me show you some of our NEW options!

We now offer chocolate covered strawberries to our line-up!
You can have them plain, dressed with beautiful white chocolate striping, or 
covered in peanuts!  Plus, with an order of 2 doz we will deliver them to you!
Only $16 for a dozen of these divine treats!  
That is a deal you won't find anywhere!
We also have chocolate covered pretzels 
$10 - bag
and Cake Pops
$12 - doz