Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer...

Yep!  It's here folks!
The HOT days of summer.

Some love it, others don't.  But whatever your perspective, there is always good that can come from it!

For the most part, we take the summer off.  As you may know by now, we are a family run operation.  The most important part of that sentence being family.

So, when it comes summertime, the kids are out of school and ready to relax.
We decided to do the same!

So don't panic, if you see our Weekly Schedule does not show many (or any) events for that week.  We are not quitting!  Just the opposite.  
We have many awesome plans in the works for the months ahead, and many changes on the way!  (Some pretty cool stuff is coming!)
We are also enjoying some time off with the kids, taking vacations, going to the pool, and basically trying not to melt!

Speaking of melting.... yeah, that is the other reason you won't see us as much during the summer.
Does anyone know what happens to butter if you take it outside in the sun?


As we have mentioned previously, our ingredients are all homemade.  That means our frosting is made with pure, divine, straight-up BUTTER!  That is, of course, why it is so delicious!  But, that's also why we can't operate the truck too much in the summer.  
What leaves the kitchen in the shape of beautiful, delicious cupcakes, returns to the kitchen looking more like soup.... yuck!

Now, let's not get crazy!  Just because you don't see the truck out and about as much these days, that doesn't mean we aren't working!  Summer is full of great activities like birthday parties, anniversaries, and other fun celebrations.  We still take pride in delivering delightful goodness to these events.  
One example is this precious "wedding dress" arrangement we did for a recent bachelorette party!

So don't hesitate to contact us if you are having a party and need some cupcakes or a cool birthday cake! We are happy to take care of it for you!  Just be sure to take those treats inside to enjoy them if you can...  remember the "soup" I mentioned?

So, hang in there and enjoy your summer!  Remember, spending time with family is the best and most important way to pass the long, summer days!  Make sure you don't ever look back and regret not spending enough time. 

Make the most of every minute.  WE ARE!!